Wolf Guenter Thiel

Wolf Guenter Thiel learned to know the Gallery Business through an extensive internship at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City in 1991. He continued his economical education as a trainee in a bank in Cologne, Germany through this additive education. After the two practical programmes he went to study art history, politics and city-planning at the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University in Bonn, Germany. During his studies he started to publish for Flash Art International and still does after 15 years. During these 15 years he accompanied decisevly the movements in contemporary art from the early nineties until today. He co-edited three special issues and was guest editor of the special issue about Hong Kong, Berlin and Germany.

After finishing his studies with a Master degree he worked fort the publishing house Tiniaia 9 as a collaborator for Heinrich Nicolaus. With him he went to Korea for three months to manage the Founding of the Culturefoundation (ICECOCU). He was there to collaborate on international networking. In 1996 he moved from Cologne to Berlin and started to work as a freelance Publisher, Curator and Consult in the field of Corporate Culture. During this time he has consulted companies like Intel, HVB, Duales System, Montana, Heller, Moroso, Koziol, Zumtobel Staff and others. He was two years a consultant for Scholz & Friends, Hamburg in the department for new markets and business. As an example of his work we like to mention the project for Intel “State of the Art” which developed the first threedimensional animated gallery on the world wide web. He presented the masterpieces of the Gemäldegalerie (SMPK) and reached over 3.000.000 vistors for the programme. At the late 90ies this was an enourmous number of users. Another example was the U3 project just below Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. This project was developed together with Gerhard Bär (partner at fair ethics) and reached more than 150.000 visitors during the time of the exhibition. A book has been published about this project. Both projects have been implemented into the history of contemporary art in the last decade. Thiel worked on exhibitions with artists like Isa Genzken, Christopher Doyle, Yang Fudong, Ellen Pau, Carlo Fei, Thomas Rentmeister, Swetlana Heger, Hofstetter Kurt, Xu Zhongmin, Won Ju Lim, Kristian Hornsleth, Yuan Shun … .

During the last 10 years he curated around 60 one-person shows and another 20 groupshows. He invented The Festival Fair-Play for gallery Play, Berlin and develops the New Life Berlin Festival together with Wooloo. Between 2006 and 2008 Thiel lived and worked as one of the directors of the Beijing Royal Art Museum in Beijing. He was responsible for international affairs. In 2008 he founded together with Gerhard Bär fair ethics in Berlin.

In the last 20 years far over 200 Articles and Essays about contemporary Art and Culture have been published in over 12 languages. Today he writes especially essays for museumcatalogues and book publications like Momuk, Wien, Skulptur Münster, Forte di Belvedere, Florenz, ZKM Karlsruhe, ... . He works for many years as scientist in the area of comparative cultural sciences. Examples are “The impact of the chinese culture on the italian renaissance” or the “Viennese Abstraction”

Thiel was guest-editor of the Journal of Contemporary Art, New York, Art+Collection, Taipeh, Flash Art International, Milano, im Editorial Board des St/A/R Printmedium Wien and founding editor of fair Zeitung für Kunst und Ästhetik Wien/Berlin.